Sunday, September 25, 2011

Urubamba, Sept 13th 2011

After another adventurous flight from lima to Cuzco, we headed down to Urubamba.  Since Cuzco is 11,000 plus in elevation, we headed to the sacred valley to a small town called Urubamba. The elevation there is 9000.  We were lucky to have a friend there that owns a beautiful 5,000 square foot house that he uses only on weekends, so he let us stay there for the week to get acclimated to the altitude.  The first night  I got altitude sickness. It started with a head ache and then escalated to difficulty breathing to a panic attack and  then vomiting .  I got scared because this was a small town and it is pitch black at night and we had no phone or internet.  Tony was great, he left at dark and hunted for oxygen and other things for me so that I would get better.  The next day I felt better.  Luckily, I have been the only one to get sick this entire trip( Travelers Diarrhea in Lima by the way).

We just relaxed, went sightseeing and Giselle played with the local girls. Did I mention that I was almost chased down by two bulls that were about 10 yards from me. Luckily, I was not wearing red...haaaa haaa

Gia's Birthday

We got to spend Gia's first birthday in Peru.  We had a little something at Carlos' house and invited some family.  It was a great time and are glad we had a good turn out.  We have been able to relax and rest here.  Tony's dad is so nice he gets up early every morning makes us breakfast and cooks us lunch before going to work.

The Flight

We had a total 7, 50 pound bags, 4 carry ons, 4 personal items, 3 plastic bags, a double baby stroller a foldable crib and two laptops, though most was checked in we still had the girls, the double babystroller, portable crib, the 3 plastic bags, 2 carry ons the four personal items ( backpacks) and the laptops which was a real nightmare!...having to go through security and taking off your shoes, belts and jackets for all of us, the computers out of their cases and coordinating on the go who would go first to then get the girls settled collect our bags and get dressed was terrible.  Poor Tony carried so much stuff including carrying Gia and Giselle at times.  Once we made it to our gate Tony realized he had left a folder at the check in counter on the other side of the security check point so he left us to go get that.  During the time he was gone they started calling for our boarding, I had to struggle with all these items until Tony showed up and gave me a hand, I was stressed, tired and the girls not cooperating.

Keeping the girls quiet and entertained was a challenge during the flight, specially Gia, who seems to have turned less patient and more active during these last few days.  Tony and I took turns and we managed to get about an hour of sleep each.  Funny thing, Tony took Gia to a diaper change to a restroom with no changing table, after a long while he came back more tired and wet because Gia had peed on him while maneuvering the diaper change. ha ha

We arrived in Lima at midnight and after struggling to gather all our luggage and Giselle asleep off of the plane, we put all of our luggage on two carts and even used the baby stroller for additional items.  We however could not find anyone to help us with the carts and stroller, so we had to use Giselle to push her sister while Tony and I struggled to keep her on track and our luggage from falling.  Finally before leaving the airport, there is a button one has to push before making the exit, if the light is green you are free to go and if the light is red you have to unload all of you bags and put them through a scanner once more, guess what light we got? RED!!!!! Which meant Tony had to unload it all and load it up again.

This night we went to bed by 4 Am again because once we arrived at Tony's Dad's house we realized we had left a luggage on the plane!!!!! Tony and his Dad had to go back to the airport to try to find it.  Luckily they did find it the next morning and we could finally rest a bit.