Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't take things for granted

Here is kendrea coming back from forget how easy things can be at home.

Guinea Pig!!!

Well it finally happened....for years trying to avoid it and trying to find the courage to try it.  Guinea Pig is a delicacy here in Cusco and the locals are very serious and proud about it.  A few weeks ago a local preschool near the site came to ask if we could donate some Christmas toys for the kids, since we agreed and in order to show their appreciation they returned with several roasted Guinea PIGS with local steamed potatoes.  When I first saw them come I ran....making sure my family stayed behind to not be disrespectful, I hid in one of the rooms for about 30 min.  Then Jared(my brother in law) came up to find me and brought with him a leg to show me, the feet had claws still.  After playing with it for a few minutes, he got me to try a bit of it....I am not going to lie, it was very difficult to keep in.  But after a few minutes (and after the ladies had left) and went back down stairs and took my time taking a few bites of my plate.  It really wasn’t that bad, it tastes like chicken..ha ha , not really but the presentation is the hardest thing to get over.  If you can get passed that…the flavor is really not that bad.  I brought the little leg home to show Kendrea.  She really didn't appreciate me pinning her down and putting it really close to her.....she actually got mad, but it was fun. Maybe she'll try it next time.