Thursday, October 6, 2011

Arriving in Cuzco, Monday Sept 19th

On Monday Sept, 19th 2011 we arrived at our final destination, Cuzco Peru.  We moved into a nice area of Cuzco, in a brand new buliding.  We are in a gated apartment with a private guard.  Everything is within walking distance.  Our first day here we tried to unpack as much as we could to get settled in.  Some stuff was already set up for us as far as the basics since his family lived here for a month prior to our arrival. One thing that broke my heart was when I pulled our our wedding picture and giselle noticed it it she said, "I want to go to my home".  I said, We cannot right now and she said, "sure we can get on an airplane and go".  I had to explain this is our new home for a bit and then we will go back to our home again soon.  There are some downfalls to not being in the states and there are also some perks too.   I will say the #1 downfall is the shower.  The water pressure is weak and we have to wait a while to even get hot water out. I really miss my shower especailly since it is cold here...and quess what?  I was told we are in Spring not winter..OUCH!!!  Did i mention, no heater!!!  So we bundle up well and we are getting use to things. # 2 downfall...I miss target . I cannot believe how hard it is to find things I need to settle in.  We went high and low to try to find organization bins and still have not found it.  But, we did spend our first week shopping for furniture and were able to get a couch and dining room table, a bed for gia and a little kids eating table for giselle and a high chair.  We paid $ 414.00 for all including tax.....actually there was no tax for those things. One of the many perks is that everything is for less here. I get hair cut, wash and blow dry, flat iron all for 11.00 with tip and looks like I did for 100.00 in the states.  Everything Labor here is inexpensive, everything american here is expensive. We also eat out at some amazing places for about 3 to 5 a plate.  We usually would pay like 40 to eat at a sit down restaurant and here it is like 10 or 15 dollars.  So, the first week has taken some adjustment, like anything new but I am sure things will get better as we learn the environment around us.

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