Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spanish Class

Today , Oct 11th was my 2nd day of spanish school.  I am enrolled in a program at maximo nivel on Avenida del sol.  This is a well known program to the natives here for learning english but they also teach spanish as well for tourists.  It is at the main plaza in cuzco where you see all the tourists.  I go everyday for an hour with my private tutor, Ana maria.  I am really learning a lot being immersed in the culture and taking lessons are really going to help me even more.  They have other programs that are more intensive and expensive, but with the little ones this is the best I can do for now.  I will say that i can get around  by myself pretty well. I know enough to go to the lavanderia, supermercado y otro lugares:)  how great it will be to come back and have a conversation with  my grandparents:) 




  1. Love to hear it all Kendrea- Have fun. Keep posting so we can all "be in Cuzco"! Love you, Kristin

  2. thanks.. I will post again later today or tommorrow. i promise. i have been bad also at not giving out the site. can you believe i have only giving it to you and jlene and kenya. None of my friends have it either. i need to get it to work. it is not like I am busy!!!!!!!!!!!